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The City's Call Center Here to Serve You

The City of Edinburg’s call center has been working to answer resident’s questions throughout this pandemic. Employees from the Library, Parks & Rec and other departments were temporarily placed in the call center to keep our community informed and allowing our services to continue. One of the busiest days 1,300 calls were answered and we couldn’t have done that with our team. 

The call center is here to help residents with any questions they may have during this pandemic. A lot of questions come from operating their businesses, and this call center is here to keep business owners informed based on any local, state or national government orders. REMEMBER, if you will be opening a business after it has been approved by the state government, you ARE REQUIRED to fill the Work Safe Plan form and submit it to the City of Edinburg, otherwise, you will not be able to open your business. Check the link below to fill this form if you haven’t done so already. 


If you also need economic help with your small business due to the pandemic, please make sure you visit Hidalgo County’s Care page below and learn of ways you can be helped. 

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Other ways in which this call center is here to assist is to help residents with any concerns they may have. Sometimes they may also call in asking about parks, centers or any other locations open to the public.

It is very crucial whenever residents call and report any violations they may see. Thanks to these calls, we are able to do something about it and stop the spread of COVID-19. We also continue to send out our compliance team to make sure our residents and businesses are following through with the orders. We continue to encourage everyone to follow any government orders, practice proper hygiene and social distance. Please contact us at 956-259-HELP (4357) for any questions or concerns.