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Governor Abbott Urges Residents to Wear Masks

Governor Abbott is urging Texans to wear their masks, as the number of cases is rapidly growing. 

“If we were to experience another doubling of those numbers, over the next month, that would mean, that we are in an urgent situation where proper actions will be required to make sure that we do contain the spread of COVID-19,” the Governor said in a daily briefing. 

“I think where we’re at right now is we don’t need necessarily a full shutdown. But we do need to make more restrictions,” Abhi Rahman with the Texas Democratic Party said, adding that masks should be mandated at the state level.

Governor Abbot has explained that closing Texas again will be one of the last options, and he understands the inconvenience of wearing masks. But he urges everyone to wear them along with asking residents to practice proper hygiene and social distancing. 

Additionally, Abbott has explained that the state is implementing more testing in hot spots, closing multiple river and park areas following hospital guidance on needs and numbers, and monitoring bars and restaurants to ensure that they follow through with state orders.