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Parks and Recreation's Safety Precautions in Place for Softball Games

The Parks and Recreation department had their first adult, softball game on Monday, November 17, 2020 where 24 teams played that night. They accumulated a total of 40 teams. This became the first time they accumulated such a large number of teams for two days.  Safety precautions will be taken in order to keep players and employees safe at all times due to COVID-19.

During these games, facial coverings will be required at all times by everyone. There will be no spectators allowed inside the park although anyone who would like to watch is welcome to spread outside the park. They can watch either from the fields or on their vehicles. This will ensure teams to have an area to rest when they are not in the game while also have the opportunity to practice social distancing.

Hand sanitizers will be available on all areas around the park for easy and quick access. There will also be 15-intervals after each game in order for employees to sanitize and prepare everything for the following team.  The Parks and Recreation department is excited to not only be able to host these games and bring a form of normalcy back to the City, but they are also ready to learn more on what changes, if any, should be taken during these game to ensure safety for future games, including bringing the children to play again.