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Intersections without Power: Treat as 4-Way Stops

Drive with caution! The following intersections should be treated as 4-way stops, list will continue to be updated:

10:20 AM TUESDAY 2/16/21 UPDATE

Freddy Gonzalez and Veterans
Freddy Gonzalez and Jackson
Freddy Gonzalez and Sugar Rd.151351304_1917827705022152_6848733063855079078_oClosner and Freddy Gonzalez
Closner and Tourist
Closner and Canal
Closner and Wisconsin
FM 107 and Doolittle
FM 107 and 21st
FM 107 and 18th St.
FM 107 and Raul Longoria
University and McColl
University and Jackson
Schunior and M rd
Schunior and Frontage
Schunior and Jackson
Schunior and Depot
Schunior and McColl
Spraque and Pinoak
Spraque and McColl