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Edinburg City Officials Respond to Residents Concerns Surrounding Executive Order GA-34

Governor Greg Abbott announced earlier this week he would be lifting the statewide mask mandate starting Wednesday, March 10th, 2021. The City of Edinburg is reviewing the Governor's latest executive order lifting certain COVID-19 restrictions and is waiting for further expected guidance from the state and county. 

Since the announcement, Edinburg residents have reached out to city staff asking questions and expressing concerns about the potential impact on future community events.

“The City will continue to implement the same safety protocols it has in the past. We ask that our citizens continue to practice social distancing and wear their facial coverings when attending City events,” reassured Mayor Richard Molina.

Wednesday afternoon, the City streamed a live Q&A event with City Manager Ron Garza and City Attorney Omar Ochoa to Facebook and Spectrum Channel 1300 to answer Edinburg residents’ most pressing questions on how Executive Order GA-34 would affect their families and their businesses.

“Throughout the whole course of the pandemic, we’ve had the work safe plan that really established a very unique relationship and open line of communication between the city and the businesses.  We have yet to hear from a business in Edinburg that has said come next Wednesday they will remove those requirements. So our business community does understand that customers and employees are safer with masks,” said Garza.

“Everybody has learned a lot through the period of this pandemic-hygiene practices, sanitation practices, distancing practices-ways to reduce the risk. Just because we're in this period now of no specific and expressed government regulation doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue those practices. In a lot of ways it is not only personal responsibility, but it is also community consideration,” Ochoa added.

The City of Edinburg will follow state law and update residents and businesses as soon as more details become available from the state.