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Edinburg Emerges as a Prime Destination for National Chains


Calendar emojiMay 18, 2023  
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EDINBURG, TX – The City of Edinburg is experiencing an extraordinary surge in business activity as national chains recognize its tremendous potential for growth. Prominent brands such as 7 Brew, Scooter's Coffee, Pedro’s Tacos & Tequila Bar, Dunkin, Cinnaholic Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls, and Dave's Hot Chicken have recently applied for or secured building permits to establish their presence in Edinburg. That contributes to a remarkable total investment of $5.1 million in the three-time All-America City.

This influx of esteemed names not only highlights Edinburg's business-friendly environment but also reflects the city's promising future as a hub for economic prosperity.

“The recent interest shown by established brands is a testament to the city's continued growth and its ability to attract diverse industries,” Mayor Ramiro Garza Jr. said. 

7 Brew, known for its exceptional coffee and commitment to community engagement, has selected Edinburg as its next expansion location. The popular coffee chain is eager to bring its unique blend of quality beverages to the local community. Similarly, Scooter's Coffee, renowned for its handcrafted drinks and friendly atmosphere, has recognized Edinburg as a city primed for its expansion efforts.

Pedro's Tacos & Tequila Bar, the acclaimed Mexican restaurant, is also opening its first location in South Texas and selected Edinburg as their locale. This culinary gem promises an authentic Mexican dining experience like no other.

Cinnaholic Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls, the beloved gourmet cinnamon roll franchise, is also opening soon. Residents can indulge in customizable, plant-based cinnamon rolls made from scratch daily. With a variety of delectable flavors and tempting toppings, Cinnaholic is set to delight taste buds and sweeten Edinburg's culinary scene.Construct2

Adding to the excitement, Dunkin, a beloved brand known for its signature coffee, baked goods, and quick service, has also decided to set up a second location in Edinburg. Dunkin will continue to delight local residents with its iconic offerings, including its famous donuts and delectable breakfast sandwiches. Moreover, Dave's Hot Chicken, a fast-growing sensation recognized for its Nashville-style hot chicken, has chosen Edinburg as its newest location, catering to the city's appetite for bold and flavorful cuisine.

“These national chains' interest in Edinburg speaks volumes about the city's business environment, which offers a winning combination of strategic location, a talented workforce, and a supportive infrastructure,” Mayor Garza said. 

All of the new additions are expected to open before the end of the year. The City of Edinburg welcomes the new developments and is excited to witness the positive impact they will have on the local economy.