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Edinburg PD unveils new look for patrol units


Calendar emojiJune 1, 2023  
Tags emojiNews  

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The Edinburg Police Department is proud to announce that its patrol units will have a brand new look starting today. The sleek and modern design features a clean white background with a solid black font that enhances the visibility and readability of the unit's identification.

The new decal also proudly displays the Edinburg PD patch with bold and vibrant colors, such as red and blue, giving the unit a more distinct and eye-catching appearance. The updated design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds to the overall professional look and feel of the department's patrol units.

"We are proud to showcase our new patrol unit design that is reflective of the department's commitment to professionalism, community engagement, and public safety," Police Chief Jaime Ayala said. 

The Edinburg Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the community, and the new patrol unit design is just one example of the department's ongoing efforts to enhance its services to the community.