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Edinburg Police Department Launches Community-Based Alert Software

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‘Citizen Connect’ To Allow Residents To Stay Updated With Nearby Police Activity
Calendar emojiNovember 7, 2022  
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The Edinburg Police Department has launched Socrata ‘Citizen Connect’ to allow city of Edinburg residents to stay informed and connected with police activity happening in their area. 

The community-based software allows users to create customized alerts specific to their interests, whether it’s their neighborhood, their child’s school or daycare center, or their place of business. The alerts automatically notify you of police activity in the designated search area and provide information about an incident or case as it becomes available. 

‘Citizen Connect’ utilizes a thematic map to break down reported offenses or calls for service within the Edinburg Police Department’s jurisdiction by classification. Residents can view the reported date, address, and case number related to the incident by accessing the online portal. 

“The ability to share information with our community, business community, and our visitors affords us transparency in what is happening in our neighborhoods and in our business districts,” said Edinburg Police Chief Jaime Ayala, “Citizen Connect will give information to anyone who wants to consume it in an effort to be informed and educated on what is happening in our city. 

The software launched on the city of Edinburg website Monday, November 7, 2022. To create an alert or view the data available, we encourage our residents to visit www.cityofedinburg.com or https://bit.ly/3EbnmNv. 'Citizen Connect' is also available via the Edinburg 311 app.