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AUG 21, 2020

Census Self-Response Center: Visit us and you Could get a Free $100 S.P.A.R.C Gift Card!
If you haven't filled out your Census application, we can help you and you may even be eligible to get  $100 SPARC gift card!  Learn more about it here!

AUG 12, 2020

Census Takers will Now Visit Homes
We continue to ask for your help by completing your Census and encouraging those around you to do the same. We will now start visiting every household that has not already responded to the Census to make sure they are counted.  Read more about it here. 

AUG 07, 2020

RGV Census Ambassador Scholarship Program Encourages Census Participation
The City of Edinburg continues to encourage everyone to participate in the 2020 Census. Everyone's doing their part to participate and encourage others to do it, including the new RGV Census Ambassador Scholarship Program which will be providing students with $1,000 scholarships for increasing local participation in the 2020 US Census. Read more about it here!

MAY 22, 2020

Shape Your Future, Grads ! #2020Census
Graduations may look a little different this year, but nevertheless you have reached a major milestone! As you start walking forward, planning for your future and setting goals, it’s important to also take a minute to be counted in the 2020 Census. The Census 2020 will help shape the next 10 years for YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY!

MAY 12, 2020

How does Census Affect Community Services in the RGV?
Learn how your participation affects community services that help families across the community from Head Start to SNAP or CHIP just by participating on the 2020 Census! Aprenda como puede ayudar a familias en su comunidad con servicios de Head Start, SNAP, CHIP y mas con solo participar en en Censo 2020!

MAY 08, 2020

Assist First Responders by Participating on the 2020 Census
The U.S. Census Bureau requests that all residents complete the 2020 Census to assist first responders in honor of National Nurses Week, the U.S. Census Bureau is asking for all households to respond to the 2020 Census to assist first responders. Completing the Census questionnaire is a way for households to be counted and say “Thank You.” Responses help communities assess the need for hospitals, fire stations, and other resources. Read more about it here.

MAY 01, 2020

2020 Census: Count your Children
May 2 is National Baby Day where we come together to celebrate the little ones in the U.S. It is also important to remember to count them as part of the 2020 Census. Read more about counting children in this year's Census!

APR 14, 2020

Respond to the 2020 Census by Phone!
Covid-19 has definitely shaken our community as a whole, this is why it is important for everyone to take the time to respond to the 2020 Census. With the completion of the 2020 Census, our community is able to provide many financial relief to those who need the assistance greatly. Read more on how you can help!

APR 07, 2020

Respond to the 2020 Census Today! No Risks! At the Comfort of Your Home!
Now more than ever, it’s important for you to respond to the #2020Census and help shape the future of your community.  Respond today at 2020CENSUS.GOV, by phone, or by mail. Read more about it here.

MAR 18, 2020

Census: You Can Still Do it Online!
If you’re currently staying home, it is the perfect time to take a few minutes to respond to the 2020 Census. It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone or by mail—all without having to meet a census taker, or the need to leave the comfort of your home, especially at cautious times as these with COVID-19. 

MAR 12, 2020

The Census is underway!
The Census is underway! Today is the official start of the easy ways (internet and telephone) to self-respond to the 2020 Census.  Read more about it here!

MAR 11, 2020

Census 2020: Why it Matters

Census counting has been important count since 1790 which is mandated by the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 2.“We need to get the count right. It is important to me that our community knows what is at stake but what to expect,” Richard Molina, Edinburg’s Mayor explained...