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Engineering Department administers and processes the following agreements, permits, and dedications on behalf of the city:

  • Non-Standard Agreement Request, An agreement is needed for any work that is not in compliance with standards for driveways and/or sidewalks within the city’s Right-Of-Way.
  • Right-Of-Way Permit Application, A permit is needed for any work been done in the city’s right-of-way such as curb and gutter removal & replacement, driveway apron replacements, street cuts, sidewalks installation, removal, or replacement, and any utility connection, installation, improvement or repair.
  • Right-Of-Way / Easement Dedication, The city requires Right-Of-Way dedication on all developments and it must meet the current road expansion requirements of the city’s Thoroughfare Plan. In other cases, the city may request an easement to bededicated for the purposes of installing some infrastructure needed such as sidewalk, utility or drainage just to mention a few.
To begin the online submittal for any of these processes, please click below:
Agreement Request
Permit Application
Right-Of-Way /
Easement Dedication