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Our mission is to provide efficient, centralized, and cost-effective municipal engineering services for the City's many infrastructure projects for all City- wide departments. 

Our services include engineering design, contract administration, construction administration and observation. As well as professional  expertise in the planning and design of improvements to new and existing roadways, public water and sanitary sewer facilities.

In addition, the Engineering Department also provides:
  • Subdivision Development, including plan review and construction inspection of private residential, commercial and industrial developments.
  • Right of Way Acquisition, by obtaining real property to establish necessary public improvements such as roads, water and sewer utility lines, and public facilities.
  • Floodplain Management, through the administration of the City's ordinance related to preserving the floodplains in order to mitigate losses during natural disasters such as heavy rain events and hurricanes.
  • Construction Management, through on-site inspection and quality control of all construction activities related to capital improvement projects.  This also includes utility coordination and conflict resolution necessary to complete projects within budgetary and time constraints.

The Engineering staff is more than happy to answer your questions and provide any information we can in relation to the City's Engineering functions and services.