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Active Edinburg

Lime Scooters

Smart mobility for a modernized, active and environmentally friendly City.


The City of Edinburg is proud to bring Lime scooters to our residents. This will provide first- and last-mile transportation solutions, helping residents seamlessly move throughout our neighborhoods and across the community to meet their daily needs. Whether connecting to Edinburg’s vibrant downtown, riding to one of our parks, getting to the Health and Wellness Center, visiting the museum of South Texas History or borrowing a book from the Dustin Michael Sekula Library, we envision residents, students and visitors incorporating Lime scooters into their daily travel routines. Our goal is to connect our residents and visitors to reliable, safe, and active mobility.

Learn how to Ride a Lime Scooter

Lime Gen 3.0 E-Scooter
Lime presents their new best-in-class e-scooter, the Gen 3, to Edinburg.  The Gen 3 e-scooter features:

  • 10” wheels to tackle common street conditions like snow, uneven surfaces, and unforeseen irregularities in the streetscape.
  • Lower center of gravity for better stability.  
  • Mountain bike-inspired front suspension for a more comfortable ride.
  • 500 watt motor to tackle steep hills.  
  • Dual-wheel braking to ensure that riders can easily stop the vehicle, even on a steep incline.
  • 2.8” digital color display showing vehicle speed and geofencing information, ensuring users can make informed speed choices and are aware of parking zones and speed restrictions without their phone in hand.
  • Wider footboard to provide better rider balance.   
  • Redesigned kickstand to increase vehicle stability when parked.
  • Stronger and more weather-resistant aluminum frame with IP67 waterproofing against inclement weather, designed to live in the public space.
  • High visibility fluorescent paint and auto-reflective logos on both sides, helping to make the e-bike more visible when riding at night
  • Enclosed wires to prevent vandalism  
  • Bluetooth-enabled LimeLock locking mechanism

Before anyone can set up a Lime account, they must agree to Lime’s terms and conditions of use, which include the requirement for users to be 18 years or older and encourages the use of helmets. In addition, Limes displays all of Edinburg’s local laws and specific rules of the road directly in the app so users know how to correctly and safely operate scooters in the roadway.

Limits and Locations

How far users can ride the scooters can be found in the app. Areas to avoid can be located below, such as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Scooters can also be located throughout the city by using the app. 

IMG_3337 IMG_3336
Map View on the App

Customer Service
Riders and non-riders can use any of Lime’s customer service channels to report safety and maintenance issues, improperly parked vehicles, or general inquiries pertaining to refunds, market operations, city launches, promotions, etc. The channels are staffed 24/7 by a multilingual team.

  • Via phone, email or text: Customer service can be contacted at 1-888-LIME-345, email at support@li.me, and by text at 1 (888)-546-3345. 95% of phone calls are answered within 5 minutes.
  • Through the app: Through our rapid reporting feature, riders and non-riders can contact customer service within the app without taking a ride.
  • Self-service Safety Portal: Lime has a public online safety portal, safety.li.me, which provides anyone with access to COVID-19 safety information, riding and parking education, discounts on safety gear such as helmets, and more.
  • On social media: Anyone can tag @_LimeAid on Twitter for customer service.  
  • Through the website: Self-help FAQs and a portal for customer service submissions.
  • Direct City contact: The City can contact our Operations Manager or General Manager via phone or email (help-edinburg@li.me) at any time, day or night, to address issues. 
  • image_50448641Law Enforcement Portal: For law enforcement, we provide a portal to submit documentation needed to obtain confidential rider information (https://lime.mailroom.sago.ai/intake-form)

Lime’s app has additional automated features to enable immediate reporting, including a Rapid Reporting button on the home screen and a prompt at the end of each ride for the rider to rate their trip and report any issues. After two consecutive low rated trips or any damaged vehicle report, their backend Operations System puts the vehicle in “Maintenance Mode,” making it unrentable and dispatching an Operations Team member to collect the vehicle for inspection.   The majority of customer issues are responded to within 15 minutes and all issues are addressed in no more than two hours, and will be tracked and reported to the City as part of our monthly reporting. 

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