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Building Edinburg

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The City of Edinburg Planning and Zoning Department is here to assist you with your new commercial development. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will make sure you get things started smoothly. Before you apply for permit, it always helps to see us first!

Commercial developments in the City are regulated by our Unified Development Code (UDC). The UDC is a single document that includes all of our development-related regulations, including zoning and subdivision regulations. The UDC can be accessed through links on the City of Edinburg’s homepage, or it can be found at the following website: City of Edinburg UDC.

Meeting with us will help ensure that your projects proceed quickly and easily. No two projects are the same, and even the most experienced developers can have issues or problems that may require our support. The following are some of the frequently asked questions that we will assist you with
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Unified Development Code
Advisory Boards
Citizen-Self Portal
Edinburg 311

Do I need a site plan review?

A site plan is a drawing or plan, drawn to scale, that shows the location of buildings, parking, open space, and other elements of a proposed development.

Site Plan Review is a formal assessment of all the elements in a site plan for a particular project. There are certain types of projects that will require this kind of review:

  1. Construction of any new commercial structure
  2. Construction of any new multifamily structure
  3. Construction that changes the footprint (floor area) of any existing building Site Plan Reviews involve several City Departments, each evaluating different elements of the site plan. Planning and Zoning will determine whether the requirements for setbacks, floor area ratio, parking, landscaping, etc. have been met.

However, Engineering, Utilities, Fire, Storm Water, and Solid Waste are also involved in the review and will have their own expectations and feedback. Potential problems and oversights are identified during this process and will help ensure that your building permit can be issued without delays. A Site Plan Review typically takes seven to ten business days to complete, but can take longer if there are issues that must be resolved. The Site Plan Review Application is located here or can be obtained from the Planning and Zoning office.

What if a requirement can't be met?
In some cases, there are circumstances where strict adherence to the code would present an unreasonable hardship and not allow development otherwise allowed by the UDC. In those cases, a variance can provide an exception to one of our development regulations. Variances are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approved or denied by the City’s Zoning Board of Adjustment. Planning and Zoning staff can help determine if this course of action may be appropriate for your project. Our Request for Variance Application can be obtained here or at our offices.

How do I contact you?
Whether your project is big or small, whether you are new to commercial developments or an old pro, the City of Edinburg Planning and Zoning Department is ready to help you get things rolling. Call, email, or stop by and see us at our office in the Edinburg City Hall. We look forward to working with you!

Edinburg City Hall
415 West University Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78539
(956) 388-8202