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Building Safety Directory

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 956-388-8203
Fax:  956-292-2080
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Building Safety Natalia Velasquez Chief Building Official nvelasquez@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Diana Ramos Permitting Supervisor dramos@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Lizeth Reyes Permit Technician lreyes@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Diana De La Cruz Permit Technician ddelacruz@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Pablo Cerda Jr Deputy Building Official pcerda@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Leticia Morales Plans Examiner II leticia.morales@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Aracely Rocha Plans Examiner I arocha@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Juan E. Pastor Building Inspector II (Supervisor) jpastor@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Daniel Gonzalez Cross Connection Inspector jdgonzalez@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Fidel Islas Building Inspector I fislas@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Carlos Arrendondo Building Inspector I carrendo@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Ramiro Blanco Cross Connection Inspector rblanco@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Josue Mosqueda Building Inspector I jmosqueda@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Hilda Tovar Building Plans Examiner II htovar@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Azeneth Cazares Building Plans Examiner I acazares@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Cristina Ruiz Permit Technician cruiz@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Neomi Lopez Health Inspector I nclopez@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Leeanna Rosel Administrative Assistant lrosel@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-1828
Building Safety Julyssa Ibarra Administrative Assistant jibarra@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-1838
Building Safety Maricela Fonseca Administrative Specialist mfonseca@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Samantha Oranday Administrative Specialist soranday@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Edgar Cazares Building Inspector I ecazares@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
Building Safety Rene Torres Administrative Specialist retorres@cityofedinburg.com (956)-388-8203
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