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The Purchasing Division serves as your primary point of contact when the purchase of goods and services are required for the City. Vendors are encouraged to monitor the Purchasing Division website on a regular basis for access to City solicitations as well as valuable procurement-related information.


It is a bidder's responsibility to download and submit all required forms with their bids.
Purchasing Forms

Bid Notices:

Open Bid Notices | Closed Bid Notices

RFP Notices:
Open RFP Notices | Closed RFP Notices

*** Public-Private Partnership Guidlines *** 

For additional assistance contact: 

Criselda Lozano
Purchasing Manager

956-388-1895| clozano@cityofedinburg.com

Lorena Fuentes
Assistant Purchasing Manager
956-388-1895 | lfuentes@cityofedinburg.com

Veronica Gutierrez
Purchasing Specialist II
956-388-1895 | vgutierrez@cityofedinburg.com

Julia L. Charette
Purchasing Specialist I
956-388-1895 | jlomas@cityofedinburg.com

Yajaira Martinez
Purchasing Specialist I
956-388-1895 | ymartinez@cityofedinburg.com