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Municipal Court

Courtroom Procedures

A person who is cited with a Class "C" misdemeanor is required to appear in court or pay the fine on or before the appearance date that you are given. If you were issued a citation, your appearance date is noted at the bottom of the citation.

If you have been released on bond, your appearance date is set on the bond. You or your attorney may appear in person, in open court, by mail or by email on or before the specified date. 

Courtroom policies

  • Check in with court staff
  • No weapons allowed
  • Cellphones must be turned OFF
  • No recording devices allowed
  • No smoking
  • No obscene language or verbal outbursts 
Courtroom attire
  • Shirt must be tucked in
  • Slacks or jeans - must not be torn or distressed
  • Dress or skirt - knee length or below 
The following attire WILL NOT be allowed in court
  • Shorts
  • Caps/hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Spaghetti or strapless blouses, shirts, dresses
  • Obscene or gang affiliated wording or graphics
  • Shorts
  • Obscene or gang affiliated colors or accessories
  • Flip-flop sandals
  • Nose or tongue piercings/rings
  • Hoodie sweaters