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Planning & Zoning

Daycare/Child Care Facilities

Registered Child Care Homes and Licensed Child Care Homes are permitted in the AG, S, AU, UR, NC, and D districts, and in nonconforming residential uses in the CN, CG, and BP districts, if all of the following are demonstrated:

The minimum distance between all types of day care that are located in residential districts shall be a one-half mile radius.

  1. The applicant must reside on the premise.
  2. Child care facilities are allowed in all residential zoning districts upon approval of a special use permit.
  3. The daycare facility shall be clearly secondary to the residential use.
  4. The child care facility shall meet state childcare licensing requirements.
  5. The application shall be signed by the property owner or the applicant shall provide a letter of authorization from the property owner.
  6. Fire and sanitary inspections.
  7. A semi-circular driveway for drop-off and pickup is provided. Required parking spaces shall not be included as part of this circular driveway.
  8. At least two parking spaces shall be available on site in front of the dwelling that do not interfere with the driveway.
  9. Outdoor play areas are enclosed by a fence that is at least six-feet in height.
  10.  The use shall be accessed by a public street approved by the city.
  1. A Special Use Permit pursuant to this Section shall expire within one (1) year.
  2. Application for renewal shall be made 30-days before permit expiration.
  3. Renewals shall be reviewed as original applications for the first year after the original approval.
  4. Subsequent renewals shall be reviewed as Limited Uses, regardless of the type of review used for the original approval.
  5. The applicant is encouraged to renew the permit with ample time to renew a license with the State childcare licensing agency.
  6. Special Use approvals are not transferable from one licensee to another.

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