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Hiring Process

Please read all the information for the Civil Service Hiring Process and Requirements before submitting an application. In order to be eligible to take the Civil Service written exam and the Physical Agility/Strength and Endurance test, applicants are required to have the these specified requirements. If you have read all the information and are interested in submitting an application, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Submit Application for Written Civil Service Exam and Physical Agility Test
Once an entry-level examination is scheduled, you must submit the application to register for the exam. This includes obtaining a medical clearance for the physical agility test. The application and the required documents must be turned in by the deadline established by the Civil Service Director. Study guides for the exam will be emailed to all applicants meeting the criteria.

Written Exam
The exam will take place at a location, date, and time determined by the Civil Service Director. *(Please pay strict attention to the instructions before reporting to the exam regarding photo identification, punctuality, food and drink, cell phones, etc.)* When you complete your exam, it will be graded on site (when feasible). All raw scores will be posted no later than 3 business days after the exam date. If you pass the written examination, you will be given your assigned date and time for the physical agility exam via email or written correspondence.

Physical Agility Examination
Applicants will be required to pass all components of the physical agility exam. A complete description of the exam can be found here. If an applicant does not meet the minimum standard of any one component, he or she will be dismissed and removed from further consideration.

Applicants who pass the Physical Agility Examination, will be given their Personal History Statement to fill out and return within a set time limit.

Background Investigation
Once the Firefighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission establishes the Entry Level Police Officer Eligibility List, the Police Department will request names of suitable applicants from the Civil Service Director, in accordance with Civil Service rules and begin the background investigation which includes:

  • Personal History Statement review.
  • Comprehensive background investigation to include: criminal history check and driving record review.

Oral Board Interview
Applicants who have passed the background investigation portion of the process will be scheduled for an oral board interview.  The oral board, consisting of the Chief of Police, Two (2) Assistant Chiefs of Police and Civil Service Director/Civil Service Designee. 

Administrative Review
The oral board recommendation and all other information gathered through the hiring process will be forwarded to the Civil Service Division for review and forwarded to the City Manager for final approval.

Conditional Job Offer
Applicants selected for hire will be contacted by Human Resources/Civil Service Division to coordinate medical examination, drug screening, and psychological examination, at the City’s expense.  A formal job offer is contingent on the applicant passing those examinations.

Formal Job Offer
Applicants who pass the medical and psychological examinations will be formally offered a position and notified of their starting date by the Human Resources Department/Civil Service Division.