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Sanitation Services Overview

In an effort to provide solid waste customers with convenient collection services, DSWM offers its customers the opportunity to request Special Collection Assistance for residential services, dead animal removal and illegal dumping to city residents.

Residential  Services for Impaired Residents:

The DSWM provides Special Collection Assistance Service to residents who are both temporarily or permanently disabled or physically impaired and are unable to set out their garbage carts for pickup and have no one living with them to assist.

Special conditions:

  • No one else living or employed (part or full time) in the household is capable of placing the garbage cart at the curb.
  • A licensed U.S. physician must certify the resident's disability is of a nature that prevents the resident from setting the garbage at the curb.
  • Application must be re-submitted annually from the date of original application. Failure to do so will result in discontinuance of special assistance service.
  • Applicant authorizes City personnel to enter their private property for the purpose of providing waste collection service.
Click here to download the blank  "Application for Special Collection Service."
Please ensure that the form is completed and signed by the appropriate individual(s).

  • Please complete Section I "Applicant Information" and Section II "Applicants Verification of Disability and Household Occupancy".
  • Forward the entire form to your Physician/Optometrist.
  • The Physician/Optometrist shall ensure that Section III "Disability Statement" section is completed and signed.
  • Please mail completed white copy of application to:
City of Edinburg
Solid Waste Management
Attention: Accounts Manager
P.O. Box 1079
Edinburg, TX 78540

The City will verify your application information and notify you of eligibility. If you have any questions or need more information, please call 956-381-5635.

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Special or Off Schedule Collection:

Residents may elect to request off scheduled services or special collection when they have accumulated more trash than usual or decided to take on a yard project that resulted in additional brush/ yard waste and are not wanting to wait for their scheduled collection day City Residents have an option to request collection services for a nominal fee. To arrange for this service, call (956) 381-5635 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM.

Dead Animal Removal Services:

The City will collect dead animals from residences and on city streets. The service is available seven days a week. City personnel cannot collect dead animals from under buildings, attics, ditches, or from private property. To arrange for this service, call (956) 381-5635 Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM; after hours you may contact the Edinburg Police Depart (non-emergency number) (956) 383-7411 or the Edinburg Water Plant 24 hr at 956-388-8220.

You may also request for a dead animal pickup using The City of Edinburg's Request and 
Work Management Tool. Click here to be directed to select Dead Animal Removal to get your request to us via email. 
Curbside Service:

On request, dead animals will be collected from residences. The animal must be bagged and placed at the curb before calling for collection.

Public Rights-of-Way:

Residents may request collection of dead animals on public rights-of-way. Location and description of the dead animal will be asked from the customer.


  • Small dead animals, such as dogs, cats, or others of similar size will be collected at no charge.

  • Large dead animals such as horses and cattle are collected for a fee. Please contact our office at SWM for appropriate pricing at 956-381-5635.

Dead Animals Located On Freeways And Feeder Roads Are Handled By The
Texas Department Of Transportation.

Under these circumstances, please contact TXDOT directly at the Texas Department of Transportation Mission Maintenance Facility at: 956-585-5671 or submit a request at http://www.txdot.gov/contact-us/form.html. Select "road debris/litter/dead animal" listed in the Contact Reason drop down box.

Illegal Dumping:
Illegally dumped or illegally placed trash reduces the beauty and aesthetic of our public streets, parks, neighborhoods and waterways (www.dontmesswithtexas.org).  
Illegally dumped trash is more than an eyesore. Illegal dumpsites can be…

  • A Fire Hazard – Piles of dumped trash can present a fire hazard, especially in dry conditions.
  • A Health Hazard - Rats, flies and mosquitoes breed in litter; all of these are capable of spreading disease.
You can report illegal dumping by reporting what you see to the Edinburg Police Department. To report illegal dumping in your area you may also use The City of Edinburg's Request and Work Management Tool. Click here to be directed to select Graffiti Removal and Illegal Dumping to get your request to us via email.

The DSWM will continue its successful partnerships with community leadership organizations and Neighborhood Associations to organize special clean-up events, such as our yearly Trash Bash, Quarterly Neighborhood Clean Up's and Earth Day celebrations.

To Report Illegal Dumping: (956) 383-7411
All other solid waste and recycling inquiries: (956) 381-5635
After hours City of Edinburg Water Plant Emergency Line: 956-388-8220
Para informacion en Espanol: (956) 381-5635