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Planning & Zoning

Development Resources

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The City of Edinburg Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for Development Resources including the processing of current applications for parcel and subdivision map changes, special use permits, site plan reviews to promote compliance with the City’s Unified Development Code. The division is also responsible for administering the zoning ordinance, tree preservation, and architectural design for the City of Edinburg.


Adult Uses
Adult Uses are permitted in CG and I Districts if the following is demonstrated:
  • Required spacing
  • Alcohol prohibited
  • Screening of merchandise
  • Signage. Required buffer.
  • Compliance with Texas Statutes
  • Building entrance
  • License required
  • I-District
To review and complete the application, please download the file below,

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Special Use Permit Application (Adult Use)
Alcoholic Beverage Sales/Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverage Permits

The first step towards obtaining a liquor license or permit is with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Upon completion, applications and payments are made at the City of Edinburg Planning & Zoning Department. Once processed and approved by the City Secretary Department, applications are returned to the applicant.

All forms of payment are accepted.

Use the following application for On-Premise Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, you will also find general information, requirements and applicable fees. 

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Special Use Permit Application On-Premise Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Daycare/Child Care Facilities

Registered Child Care Homes and Licensed Child Care Homes are permitted in the AG, S, AU, UR, NC, and D districts, and in nonconforming residential uses in the CN, CG, and BP districts, if all of the following are demonstrated:

The minimum distance between all types of day care that are located in residential districts shall be a one-half mile radius.

  1. The applicant must reside on the premise.
  2. Child care facilities are allowed in all residential zoning districts upon approval of a special use permit.
  3. The daycare facility shall be clearly secondary to the residential use.
  4. The child care facility shall meet state childcare licensing requirements.
  5. The application shall be signed by the property owner or the applicant shall provide a letter of authorization from the property owner.
  6. Fire and sanitary inspections.
  7. A semi-circular driveway for drop-off and pickup is provided. Required parking spaces shall not be included as part of this circular driveway.
  8. At least two parking spaces shall be available on site in front of the dwelling that do not interfere with the driveway.
  9. Outdoor play areas are enclosed by a fence that is at least six-feet in height.
  10.  The use shall be accessed by a public street approved by the city.
  1. A Special Use Permit pursuant to this Section shall expire within one (1) year.
  2. Application for renewal shall be made 30-days before permit expiration.
  3. Renewals shall be reviewed as original applications for the first year after the original approval.
  4. Subsequent renewals shall be reviewed as Limited Uses, regardless of the type of review used for the original approval.
  5. The applicant is encouraged to renew the permit with ample time to renew a license with the State childcare licensing agency.
  6. Special Use approvals are not transferable from one licensee to another.

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Special Use Permit Child Care / Day Care Application

Special Events

This division addresses temporary uses. 2.201, Permitted Uses, includes use tables that differentiate between uses that are listed as "Permitted" and uses that are "Limited" or "Special" in each district.  Uses listed as "Permitted" are regulated by Section 2.503, Permitted Temporary Uses. A temporary use permit shall be required in all cases. 

Special events in stadiums or city facilities shall be regulated by the City and are not limited by this section. All other special events are permitted by Special Use Permits if the following are demonstrated:

  1. Duration. Special event is limited to no more than five consecutive days; not including set-up and tear-down, unless approved by the city.
  2. Access Control. If deemed necessary by the city engineer, property access shall be controlled by specific traffic personnel paid for by the applicant. Written communication from the police department must be provided prior to receiving a permit indicating provisions have been made.
  3. Sanitation. The City, or another applicable agency or department, must approve sanitary provisions. Applicant must provide written communication from applicable department or agency prior to receiving permit.
  4. Electric and lighting. The City’s inspector must approve all electric and lighting facilities. Applicant must provide written communication from the inspector prior to receiving permit.
  5. Noise. Maximum noise levels may be established. Levels are based on distance of site to adjoining residential uses and any history of complaints with similar events.
  6. Site restoration. Applicant will provide surety for complete site restoration upon event’s conclusion or should the permit be revoked.

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Temporary Use / Special Event Application 


The City enforces the Subdivision Ordinance within city limits and extra-territorial jurisdication of three-miles outside city limit boundaries. Anyone who owns or has recently purchased a tract of land, might have to subdivide property prior to issuance of permits. 

Subdivision Deadlines for 2023
iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Subdivision Deadline Calendar                 
iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Subdivision Application


Subdivision plats provide the subdivision of land that can be legally defined (i.e. Lot 6, block 239 of the Bright Light Subdivision). Plats are required to show how land will be subdivided. It is checked to assure it abides by the Unified Development code rules adopted in August 2007. Plats must be prepared by a licensed surveyor, land planner and/or engineer and they must sign the plat.
If land is already platted, it can be re-platted to further subdivide existing subdivision plat and changes can be made to the layout of lots, reserves, building setback lines and easements. 

A public hearing is required when conditions exist within the original plat boundary. Public hearings are held before Planning & Zoning Commission meetings. Residents within 300-feet of the property being replatted will be mailed notification letters. If no variances are requested, Planning & Zoning Commission must approve the replat if it meets the rules Unified Development Code rules and does not violate state law. 

A variance is a deviation from the strict compliance of the rules and regulations of the Unified Development Code. The Planning & Zoning Commission has discretionary authority if a plat requires a variance or special exception. Applicant must document reasonable hardship for variance. Meaning that applying the Unified Development Code rules would make the land difficult to develop without the variance. 
Wireless Communication
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities may be permitted in all zoning districts if following requirements are met, to learn more about this, please review the document below:

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Sec. 2.441 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

To access the application, please download the file below:

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Wireless Communication Facilities Permit Application


Planning & Zoning is responsible for upholding the zoning and platting regulations according to the Comprehensive Plan. Zoning is a regulatory tool that cities use in order to ensure stable property value and an adequate mix of uses while protecting the healthy, safety and welfare of the general public.

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Rezoning Application
iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Zoning Verification Letter Request
iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Zoning Variance Application 

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Fence Application

The Planning & Zoning currently have the following calendars available for 2023:

iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Rezoning and Special Use Permit 2023 Calendar
iconfinder_2561262_download_cloud_icon_512px Zoning Board of Adjustments 2023 Calendar