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Edinburg to Benefit from $675,612 in  Grant Funding for Intersection Improvements

media Contact: Roxanne Lerma
Director of Communications & Media
rlerma@cityofedinburg.com, (956) 388-8927

Date: October 31, 2023
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Edinburg, Texas — The City of Edinburg is thrilled to announce that it will receive $675,612 in funding from the recently approved $345 million allocation by the Texas Transportation Commission through the Texas Department of Transportation - 2023 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TASA)for pedestrian and bicycle projects across Texas. This funding will be directed towards the Freddy Gonzalez Drive and Closner Boulevard Intersection Improvements Project.

The project aims to enhance the safety and accessibility of the Freddy Gonzalez Drive and Closner Boulevard intersection, benefiting pedestrians and cyclists in the community. The improvements include the installation of ADA ramps and pedestrian signals, ensuring safer and more convenient crossings for all.
Key highlights of the project:
  1. Sidewalk Upgrades: The project will address gaps in the existing 8-foot-wide sidewalk along Freddy Gonzalez Drive, extending from Closner Boulevard to 9th Street Avenue. This enhancement will promote walkability and encourage active transportation in the city.
  2. Streetlight Modernization: All streetlights at the intersection of Freddy Gonzalez Drive and Closner Boulevard will be upgraded, providing better visibility and safety for both pedestrians and motorists.
  3. Lane Expansion: The concrete island at the intersection will be adjusted to accommodate an additional lane on Freddy Gonzalez Drive, enhancing traffic flow and improving pedestrian access. This expansion will result in a total of four lanes for eastbound traffic.
  4. Freddy Gonzalez Proposed Trail: The project aligns with the development of the Freddy Gonzalez proposed trail, further enhancing pedestrian and cyclist connectivity.
The improvements will require modifications to existing ground boxes, power poles, inlets, and sidewalks, ensuring that the infrastructure aligns with the project's goals.
"This funding is a significant step towards making our city more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly,” Mayor Ramiro Garza Jr. said. “The enhancements at Freddy Gonzalez and Closner will contribute to the safety and convenience of our residents. We are grateful for the support from the Texas Transportation Commission."

The City of Edinburg extends its appreciation to the Texas Transportation Commission for their commitment to improving pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure throughout the state. This project aligns with Edinburg's vision of creating a safer, more sustainable, and accessible community for all.