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Fire Department Pinning Ceremony


Calendar emojiAugust 25, 2021  
Tags emojiNews  

We would like to congratulate The Edinburg Fire Department for everything they do! They  recently got together for a pinning ceremony to recognize several staff members. The Edinburg Fire Department's mission is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Edinburg and visitors from natural and manmade emergencies. Due to their hard work and dedication to abide to their department's mission for Edinburg, the following members have been recognized!

Deputy Chief Promotions
Bradley S. Carlson
Daniel Garcia

Captain Promotions
Ruben J. Lopez
Jaime V. Hernandez
Sally M. Jaime

Lieutenant Promotions
Michael A. Perez
Jorge Saldana, Jr.
Mario Salinas
Jose Sanchez
Alberto Aleman
Reynol Robles

Firefighter Promotions
David J. Garza
Josue R. Moreno
Abel Valle, Jr.

Volunteer Organization Board
Rogelio Tijerina, President
Daniel Garcia, Vice President
Joe Guzman, Secretary
Bradley Carlson, Treasurer
Hector Luna, Chaplain
James Castillo, Mascot
Roxanne Estrada, Mascot