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Fight the Bite: Mosquito Prevention & Protection

Recent Census Bureau Data Shows Edinburg Continues To Be the Fastest Growing City In the Rio Grande Valley  

Calendar emojiJune 30, 2022  
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EDINBURG, TX – The city of Edinburg and the Department of Solid Waste Management is conducting mosquito control efforts by establishing the presence, type, and quantity of adult mosquitos in an area through call tracking and land conduct surveys. This will aid in enacting the city's response plan.

City crews have been larviciding over the last couple of weeks. Larviciding is the most effective means of mosquito control that prevents mosquito larvae from developing into biting adults. The city sprays for mosquitoes when deemed necessary. To kill a mosquito, chemical sprays need to actually make contact with the insect, and may not rid the city of mosquitoes. Sprays may work for a swarm of mosquitoes in a wide-open space with little to no wind, but driving a truck down a neighborhood street to spray will do little to kill mosquitoes hiding in grass, bushes, trees, and backyards. The City wants to limit our residents', their children, and pets' exposure to the chemicals used.

This is why we are asking residents to help by doing their part. Your home, property, or business has the potential to be the perfect breeding ground for these pests and prevention can help us all - Fight The Bite!

Here's what you can do:
DRAIN: Remove standing water from around your home. It only takes a bottle cap's worth of standing water to cause a mosquito problem. Check outside your home for bird baths, pet bowls, rain gutters, plant pots, and pools.

DRESS: When practical, wear long pants and long sleeves. Loose-fitting, light-colored clothing is best. Studies show that some mosquitos can most readily bite through tight-fitting, loose weave clothing and are more attracted to dark clothing.

DEFEND: When possible, use repellant. The EPA has registered repellants that have been reviewed and approved to pose a minimal risk when used properly. For example: deet, oil of lemon eucalyptus, and picaridin.

Additional tips include: keeping your yard clear of leaves and plant debris, mowing your lawn, and using a larvicidal agent to treat the water you cannot drain. There are many animal-safe larvicides that can be purchased at your local hardware store, which will only target mosquitoes, not larger animals or birds.

Edinburg residents can report weedy lots in their neighborhood by calling 311.

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